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  • (2020.8.31) Alert to prevent spread of COVID-19

(2020.8.31) Alert to prevent spread of COVID-19

As you all know, since July, many spreads of infections at restaurants and young people have been confirmed, and there are many cases where the route of infection is unknown in Hiroshima Prefecture. For this reason, although the number of COVID-19 is declining in August, it is feared that the infection will progress rapidly in the future, and caution is still needed.

Based on Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (Thorough efforts to prevent cluster outbreaks at restaurants, etc.) and Hiroshima Prefecture ("Hiroshima's coping policy to prevent the spread of COVID-19", "Declaration of strengthening caution against spread of infection-to prevent the second wave"), please take the following actions.

In addition, in the future, if a new policy is announced by the national government and Hiroshima Prefecture, please note that this correspondence may be changed.

(1) Thoroughly avoid " Three Cs" (closed space with poor ventilation, dense place where many people gather, close scene where conversations and utterances occur at short distances), and do not spread the infection by actions that increase the risk of spreading the infection. In particular, be sure to wear a mask, wash your hands, disinfect, and thoroughly ventilate.

(2) Continue to carry out the "A health status confirmation questionnaire/Movements Record Sheets" posted in My Momiji as June 1.

(3) Regarding domestic movements, refraining from movements and coming to Hiroshima Prefecture are not restricted, but please take the following measures.

  • If you move to the following targeted areas, please report the period and area of your stay by the report form and to your tutor or academic supervisor promptly after returning to Hiroshima Prefecture, considering the circumstances so far.

(Targeted area to report)
For the list of prefectures subject to report, click here.
※Prefectures with “more than 5 new infections per 100,000 population in the last week” (every Friday, set the target area for the next 7 days (from Saturday to Friday))

(Report form)
To access the report form on domestic movement to prevent the spread of coronavirus, click here.

(4) Check the infection status and information provided by the prefectures to which you are moving, and refrain from moving to or from the high-risk areas.

(5) Please install and use the COVID-19 contact confirmation application (COCOA) of the country.

(6) Regarding the extracurricular activities of students, observe the guidelines for "Preventing COVID-19 associated with resumption of extracurricular activities" (July 31, 2020), which clearly bans off-campus expeditions, training camps, and parties.

(7) Regarding meals, please be careful to prevent infections by avoiding a large number of people and having conversations during meals.

(8) When conducting off-campus practice, observe the health management and infection prevention measures set by the facility from the viewpoint of preventing infection at the facility.


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