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  • (2021.9.27) [To students] Classes for the second semester (October onwards)

(2021.9.27) [To students] Classes for the second semester (October onwards)

Executive Vice President (Education), Hiroshima University

Following the government's declaration of a state of emergency in Hiroshima Prefecture, Hiroshima University's activity restrictions index were set at "Level 2 (Exercise caution, Partial restrictions)". However, as the declaration is expected to be lifted on September 30, we plan to change the index to "Level 1.5 (Be careful, Certain restrictions)" from October 1 (Fri.).

In Level 1.5, face-to-face classes and online classes are to be combined, and specific class implementation policies are to be posted separately. Classes in the second semester (October onward) will be conducted face-to-face in principle, based on the "Policy on implementation of classes, 2021 AY", and will be effectively combined with online classes depending on the characteristics and content of each subject. When participating in face-to-face classes, please continue to take basic infection prevention measures on your own.


* The above schedule may be changed depending on the status of COVID-19 in the future. If there are any changes, we will notify you promptly on our website and "MOMIJI".

If you are unable to attend a face-to-face class

If you are unable to attend a face-to-face class due to poor physical condition, difficulty in moving, anxiety about infection, please contact the instructor in charge of the class in advance by e-mail or other means. The instructor will not count you as absent, and will take measures so that you will not be disadvantaged in your course work.

If you have any of the following symptoms: a fever (37.5 degrees or higher, or 1 degree higher than normal), malaise, cough, suffocation, sore throat, headache, or abnormal sense of taste/smell, immediately consult with your doctor or other medical institution or consultation center (health center). In addition, if you or someone living with you is ill, please check the Health Service Center's website for information on how to handle the situation and take appropriate action.

* COVID-19 and Health Management (Health Service Center website)

Participation in off-campus practical training

Based on the concept of the "Vaccine and Testing Package" under consideration in the government, in principle, students will be able to participate in off-campus practical training (including hands-on learning, etc.) if two weeks have passed since your second vaccination or if your PCR test is negative. For off-campus training, in addition to complying with infection prevention measures at the training site, please take thorough infection prevention measures during the two weeks prior to the training and during the training period.

* PCR test conducted free of charge by Hiroshima Prefecture (Hiroshima Prefecture website)

* List of laboratories that offer self-funded tests (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare website)


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