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HU professors featured in Japan's state-run 'KIZUNA' e-magazine

Two professors from HU's Research Institute for Nanodevices have been featured in Japan's state-run e-magazine, KIZUNA, sharing insights about the new Japan-U.S. semiconductor partnership.

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Hiroshima University (HU) professors Akinobu Teramoto and Nahomi Aoto have been featured in the latest issue of "KIZUNA," the official e-magazine of the Government of Japan.

This issue focuses on the various efforts towards a sustainable future leveraging Japan's advanced technologies, including the Japan-U.S. partnership aimed at nurturing diverse talent in the semiconductor industry, which HU is a part of.

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Teramoto, the director and professor of the Research Institute for Nanodevices, and Aoto, a specially designated professor at the same institute, talked about the importance of this partnership, their expectations, and the industry's opportunities and potential.


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