Research NOW Editions 21-30

Research NOW takes a look at the leading research being done by professors at HU, and is a page that introduces these researchers' works. Our professors provide high-level education and research guidance to our students and cultivate advanced specialization in the field of academics while developing and expanding leading research in their respective fields. Each edition of ResearchNOW features the cutting edge research of one of our professors here at HU explained in simple terms. Have a look and see for yourself the leading research that HU has to offer!

*Note: Links provided in the interviews may expire with time. We ask for your understanding.

Edition 30 Professor Arata Kaneko (Institute of Engineering)

Explanation of the Anomalous Sea Level Mechanism in Hiroshima Bay!
-Detection of a 16-Day Cycle of Water Temperature Variations-

Edition 29 Associate Professor Tsuyoshi Furumoto (Graduate School of Science)

World’s First Identification of the Gene Responsible for Plant Growth

Edition 28 Professor Akimasa Fujiwara (Graduate School for International Development and Cooperation)

Smartphones Help the Hearing Impaired Use Public Transportation: Developing Japan’s First Barrier Free Software on Board

Edition 27 Professor Masaoki Tsudzuki (Graduate School of Biosphere Science)

Japanese Native Chickens - Saving the Earth through their Diversity!
-The Foundation of the Japanese Avian Bioresource Project Research Center-

Edition 26 Associate Professor Masayuki Shimada (Graduate School of Biosphere Science)

Developing a Method of Swine Artificial Insemination Using Frozen-Thawed Spermatozoa
-How to Create the Next-Generation System of Pig-Breeding, Supporting not only Japan’s but also all of world’s Pig Industry-

Edition 25 Professor Hideshi Kawakami (Research Institute for Radiation Biology and Medicine)

Discovering the Causal Gene of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)!
-Detecting a Mutation Focusing on Recessively Inherited ALS-

Edition 24 Professor Yutaka Kadoya (Graduate School of Advanced Sciences of Matter)

Development of an Optical Nano-Antenna!
-How small can we make magial metal rods enhancing receiveed radio waves?-

Edition 23 Professor Isamu Sasaki (Graduate School of Education)

By studying the history of sound, we can learn about today’s Japanese
-The phonetics of kanji, a former foreign language-

Edition 22 Professor Yukio Urabe (Graduate School of Health Sciences)

Approaching biological responsiveness
-Combining the strengths of enterprise and university, “functionality socks” are born-

Edition 21 Associate Professor Yukihito Higashi (Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences)

Bone marrow cell transplanation, avoiding leg severance!
-Healthy bodies come from normal blood vesssels-