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Medical and Disaster Relief

Updated on July 18th, 2018

The infection control unit from the Japan Medical Association Team, supervised by Hiroshima University, has started its operations

Under the supervision of Hiroshima University, a special unit for infection control from the Japan Medical Association Team (JMAT) started its operations at one of the evacuation shelters in the disaster-affected areas in Hiroshima prefecture on July 13th to support the victims affected by the Torrential Rain 2018.

The first team of the Unit with two doctors including Professor Hiroki Ohge and another doctor, and one nurse from Hiroshima University Hospital, visited the Kumano Municipal Gymnasium in Aki-gun (address: 5-10-1 Kawasumi, Kumano-cho, Aki-gun).

Hiroshima prefectural government in collaboration with the Hiroshima Prefectural Medical Association is in charge of dispatching the unit. Doctors and nurses from hospitals/medical institutions in Hiroshima prefecture, who are experts on infection control, will visit the evacuation shelters.

The unit aims to ascertain whether or not there has been any outbreak of infectious diseases, and to engage themselves in evaluating the risk for the outbreak of infectious diseases in the evacuation shelters.

Updated on July 12th, 2018

Free health consultation service for pregnant women and infants in the disaster-stricken areas of the torrential rain is available at Kasumi campus

Free health consultation service for pregnant women and infants is available at Kasumi campus as follows. Consultation over the phone or via email is also available. Please note that not all the staff speak fluent English. Click here for more details.

Place: Room 305/Room 504 of the Laboratory of Midwifery and Maternal-Child Nursing
Building for the Program of Health Sciences, School of Medicine (campus map)
Hiroshima University (Kasumi campus)

Opening hours: 9:30-17:00
Front door of the building is locked during weekends and on national holidays. To those who are coming to the rooms during weekends, please call 082-257-5362 when you arrive in front of the building. Staff will open the door for you.

TEL/FAX: 082-257-5352, 082-257-5362
E-mail: maternal(AT)hiroshima-u.ac.jp
*Please replace (AT) with @ when sending messages.


Updated on July 11th, 2018

Start Dispatching Student Volunteers

The student volunteer group "OPERATION TSUNAGARI" has begun sending student volunteers to disaster-stricken area to help removing mud. The group sent 70 volunteers including students who do not originally belong to "OPERATION TSUNAGARI" to Saijo-cho (Fukumoto, Osawa), Takaya-cho area.

Students stuffing sandbags with mud which swept through the farm land(growing vegetables)

Updated on July 10th, 2018

"HU Students Provided Food with the Drivers Who Were Stuck on the Roads Due to the Disaster." Appeared on the Local Newspaper, Chugoku Shinbun

The local newspaper, Chugoku Shinbun, reported "Fifteen HU students, including Daiki Miyasako and Shota Nakamura, have provided rice balls and drinks with the drivers who were stuck on the major roads in Higashi-Hiroshima city." on the local news section of Kure and Higashi-Hiroshima area.

As of July 9th, 2018

  • In the afternoon and evening of 9th July, the following free foods were supplied to around 150 international students of Hiroshima University: 

- 120 cans of emergency food that were stored in the stock depot of Hiroshima University Hospital 
- 770 “Momiji-Manju” (small, maple-leaf-shaped sweets) and “Shakushi-Senbei” (rice-spatula-shaped crackers) kindly offered by Yamadaya Co., Ltd.