Research NOW Editions 31-40

Research NOW takes a look at the leading research being done by professors at HU, and is a page that introduces these researchers' works. Our professors provide high-level education and research guidance to our students and cultivate advanced specialization in the field of academics while developing and expanding leading research in their respective fields. Each edition of ResearchNOW features the cutting edge research of one of our professors here at HU explained in simple terms. Have a look and see for yourself the leading research that HU has to offer!

*Note: Links provided in the interviews may expire with time. We ask for your understanding.

Edition 40 Associate Professor Akira Shimamoto (Institute of Biomedical & Health Sciences)

A path toward a therapy! Success in reprogramming cells from patients with the premature aging disorder Werner syndrome into iPS cells

Edition 39 Associate Professor Hiroshi Hasegawa (Graduate School of Integrated Arts and Sciences)

Using the latest research to suggest effective measures to combat the heat! Aiming to become a bridge between research and practical use

Edition 38 Associate Professor Ikuo Katayama (Graduate School of Science)

“Just give it a go!”—taking on the challenge of the most advanced research on Venus, earthquakes, and geothermal power generation

Edition 37 Professor Shinya Matsuura (Research Institute for Radiation Biology and Medicine)

Revealing the mechanism behind an intractable genetic disorder that causes multiple pediatric cancers

Edition 36 Assistant Professor Yoriko Tominaga (Graduate School of Advanced Sciences of Matter)

Pursuing new possibilities and taking on global challenges in the realm of semiconductor crystals

Edition 35 Assistant Professor Takao Yao (Graduate School of Letters)

Being able to replicate the lives and experiences of the people of the past ? that’s what’s interesting about historical research

Edition 34 Professor Shinji Ohta (Graduate School of Biosphere Science)

I want to improve our quality of life by shedding light on the interactions between organisms

Edition 33 Associate Professor Kazuhito Ujima (Graduate School of Education)

I want to make people struggling with poor vision happier!

Edition 32 Associate Professor Ikuo Miura (Graduate School of Science)

We discovered a new species of frog on Sado Island, in the Sea of Japan! We’ve named it the sadogaeru (Sado frog).

Edition 31 Associate Professor Hiroshi Nittono (Graduate School of Integrated Arts and Sciences)

We've discovered that viewing cute images improves concentration!
Japan is the launchpad for demonstrating the new possibilities offered by “kawaii”.