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Development of Hot-wire Laser AM Technology for Stainless steel / Aluminum Alloy Dissimilar Materials

 The hot-wire laser AM technology being researched and developed combines the hot-wire method with a high-power diode laser to enable precise heat input control and a significant reduction in heat input to the substrate material, as well as ultra-high efficiency production. 

Entropy Tucker Model and its Application to the Destination Choice Behavior Using Public Transit IC card data

Extended the non-negative tensor decomposition to be consistent with the entropy model. Successfully developed a machine learning method with microeconomic foundations.

Hypertracking and Hyperrejection: Control of Signals Beyond the Nyquist Frequency

The paper has shown that it is indeed possible to manipulate signals beyond the Nyquist frequency, which is generally thought to be either impossible or at least very difficult in light of the sampling theorem, by using a priori information about the signals and introducing a suitable signal generator model. 

HFR-video-based Fingertip Velocimeter for Multi-finger Tapping Detection

Development of a technology that uses a high-speed camera-based fingertip sensor to accurately estimate the timing and position of finger tapping actions in real-time. 

Development of Yb-based Magnetic Refrigerants for Cryogenic Temperature near Absolute Zero

We have focused on Ytterbium(Yb)-based compounds to develop new magnetic refrigeration materials.

Macromolecular organic matter in samples of the asteroid (162173) Ryugu

The formation pathways of macromolecular organic matter in the asteroid Ryugu samples has been revealed by a variety of microscopic analytical techniques.

Capture of ultrafast generation of spin current

A technique to capture electron spins at a frame rate of one trillionth of a second is developed.

X-ray imaging and polarimetric observation revealed the magnetic-field structure of the Crab Nebula

We observed the Crab Nebula with imaging polarimetry in X-rays for the first time

Bayesian sparse signal detection for positive-valued data

For sparse positive-valued data, a novel Bayesian hierarchical model was proposed.

New Infrared Spectroscopic System toward Elucidation of the Mechanism of Mutual Ion Separation in Radioactive Waste Treatments

For complexes involving the representative extraction ligand, DGA, an inverse correlation was found between the frequency of the C=O stretching vibration and the extraction efficiency.

Prediction of fluid-particle dynamics in the microstructure of fibrous air filters using machine learning

Machine learning using a convolutional neural network (CNN) as a surrogate model was used to predict the flow field and submicron particle behavior in the air filter microstructure.

Improvement of Deep Reinforcement Learning for Multi-Agent Systems via Training Data Sharing

Three training data-sharing methods are proposed and their effectiveness demonstrated.

Study on the physical mechanisms of aerodynamic drag increase of road vehicle influenced by the adjacent vehicle

We clarified the characteristic changes in the flow field due to the influence of vehicles traveling in the adjacent lane.

Development and characterization of sheet-based thermal interface materials using carbon nanofibers

A high performance thermal interface sheet with excellent thermal resistance and thermal conductivity was developed.

Detection of leakage of domestic wastewater in urban stormwater drainage

The field research technique for finding the leakage from decrepit sewer pipelines into urban water area was established.

Improvement of indoor thermal environment with the insulation system evaluated by heat-flow sensor

The simulation using a full-scale analytical model showed that the insulation method used in this research can reduce the increase in room temperature by 48% in summer compared to the case with no thermal insulation.

Effects of forest growth in different vegetation communities on forest catchment water balance

This study devised a remote sensing-based method to continuously track the density changes in forests canopy within a catchment to elucidate the significance of forest growth in water balance on a catchment scale.

Enhancing the Capability of Testing-Based Formal Verification by Handling Operations in Software Packages

Establish axioms to define the formal semantics of the most commonly used operations (methods) in the Vector, ArrayList, and LinkdList classes.

A new efficient scheme for producing low energy positron pulses with a SiC remoderator

By introducing another positron accumulator with a longer confinement time after the present setup, the higher intensity pulsed positron beams will be available

Laboratory Accelerator Physics: Design study of large-scale particle accelerators using a tabletop experimental simulator of rel

This new experimental technique revealed the dangerous parameter ranges where serious beam loss may occur due to resonant instability.

Novel multipolar ordering in a magnetically ordered state

Our experimental and calculated results revealed that a novel multipolar ordering occurs in a magnetically ordered state in the rare-earth compound ErNiAl.

Theoretical analysis of reaction mechanism of deuterium-labeled drug model

The design of deuterium-labeled drugs by quantum chemical calculations is made possible using our developed method.

An algorithm for explicit constructions of designs on unitary groups with higher strength

We give an inductive algorithm to construct designs on unitary designs with higher strength rigorously and explicitly.

International experimental collaboration SAPPHIRES, dark matter searches with quasi-parallel laser collisions

Proved a feasibility and a potential extension of the experimental way to search for light dark matter candidates by colliding optical photons in a focused laser field with additional induced laser field.

Elucidation of conditions for manganese oxidation by oxygenic photosynthesis

The manganese oxidation reaction is not promoted by photosynthesis due to the low pH.

Development of an active short leg orthosis driven by pneumatic artificial muscles according to the gait phase

This orthosis enabled the patient to walk with a large movement of the ankle joint even with little muscle activity.

Shortcut Method for Producing Branched Alkenes

Installation of boron functionality into an internal carbon of terminal alkynes was achieved, and Shortcut total synthesis of biologically active iso-Combretastatin A4 was accomplished.

Self-Assembled Gel for Drug Delivery System

Simple formation process of the drug-loaded self-assembled hydrogel was successfully designed.

Fracture behavior investigation for welded structures employing X-FEM

New discussion based on fracture mechanics is succeeded to the fracture phenomena in welded structures.

AI technology-based building damage identification from post-disaster aerial images

AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology-based method was proposed to identify building damage grades induced by natural disasters from post-disaster aerial images.

Meta-Analysis of Life Cycle Assessment for Automobiles

The direction of automobile LCA research as a communication tool for "design of sustainable social systems" from "environmental impact assessment of automobile-related technologies" was presented.

Human Motion Classification Based on Stochastic Generative Models of Electromyogram (EMG) Signals

The Stochastic Generative Models of Electromyogram (EMG) Signals revealed outperformed the various conventional general-purpose classifiers.

Universe in an Electric Circuit-Arrest Hawking radiation! -

we succeeded in constructing the theory of a black hole laser for the first time in an electric circuit.

Design of a Database-Driven Excavation Assist Controller Based on the Velocity of the Center-of-Mass for a Hydraulic Excavator

The database-driven control is applied to correspond to the nonlinear characteristics of a hydraulic excavator.

Thermal Insulating Property of Silsesquioxane Hybrid Film Induced by Intramolecular Void Spaces

 Polysilsesquioxane (PSQ) films with ethylene-bridged silicon atoms are of particular interest because of their enhanced thermal insulations due to intramolecular void spaces.

Direct evaluation of measurement uncertainties by feedback compensation of decoherence

It is shown that the precision of a measurement outcome can be evaluated by compensating the effects of fluctuations in a weak interaction with a quantum probe before the measurement.

Uncertainty limits of the information exchange between a quantum system and an external meter

The trade-off between resolution and uncertainty is determined completely by the quantum mechanical relation between sensitivity and uncertainty in the meter system.