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INU Student Seminar on Global Citizenship & Peace

The INU Student Seminar on Global Citizenship & Peace

The 2019 Seminar will be held on Higashi-Hiroshima campus and Hiroshima City from Sunday, August 4 to Monday, August 12, 2019 and the schedule is as follows. The theme is "The Health of Democracy". Students and faculty/staff members from 11 INU member universities in 11 countries will participate in the 2019 Seminar.(INU Student Seminar for 2020 was cancelled due to the COVID-19 outbreak.)

2019 Report

<The 2019 Student Seminar Schedule>

Aug. 4: Welcome Reception
Aug. 5: Visit to the Peace Memorial Museum, Narration of the Atomic Bomb Experience
Aug. 6: Participate in the Peace Memorial Service, Group Excursion around Hiroshima City
Aug. 7: Lectures, Group Discussions, Japanese Session
Aug. 8: Lectures, Group Discussions, Workshops
Aug. 9: Group Discussions, Workshops
Aug. 10: Lectures, Group Discussions, Workshops, Japanese Cultural Experience
Aug. 11: Lecture, Group Discussions, Mock UN General Assembly Preparation
Aug. 12: Mock UN General Assembly, Diploma Ceremony, Farewell Party

The 14th INU Student Seminar 2019The Health of Democracy” took place mainly at Hiroshima University Higashi-Hiroshima campus and in Hiroshima city from Sunday, August 4 to Monday, August 12, 2019. This year, 9 INU (International Network of Universities) member universities from 9 countries sent 70 students and 15 faculty/staff members for the Seminar. A Welcome Reception was held in the evening of the first day. On Monday, August 5, the participants visited the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum and listened to the personal account of Hibakusha (A-bomb survivor) Ms. Keiko Ogura as the program includes every year. Also, they participated in the symposium “Global Citizen and Peace: Think for our Future with Compassion” inviting peace activists living in Hiroshima. On the following day, they attended the Peace Memorial Ceremony. From Wednesday, August 7, there was a keynote lecture given by Professor at James Madison University (USA), Prof. Kenneth Rutherford and a guest lecture given by Senior lecturer at Malmö University (Sweden), Dr. John Åberg. In addition, the students had workshops and also prepared for the Mock United Nations General Assembly Role-play in each assigned group. The participants got a better understanding of Japanese culture through the Japanese cultural experience of kendama. The Role-play held on the final day, Monday, August 12, and the participants were divided into 10 groups as delegates of different countries (United States of America, Brazil, Nigeria, Indonesia, to name a few). Participants were given the topic of “The Health of Democracy” and they engaged themselves in serious and heated discussion from the points of view of their respective parties for approximately 5 hours.

INU Student Seminar 2021 (Online)

Theme for 2021: Understanding Global Inequalities: Bridging the Gaps

In consideration of the impact of the spread of the new coronavirus, the 15th INU Student Seminar 2021 will be held online (some face-to-face lectures may be held for students of Hiroshima University). We look forward to receiving applications from motivated students who are willing to actively participate in lectures and discussions with students from INU member universities.

Application period: Friday, May 7 - Wednesday, June 6 2021 * The deadline has been extended!

Please apply from here

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  Schedule Theme No. of Student Participants
(Students from Abroad)
2006 Seminar August 4-9, 2006 Peace 55 (17)
2007 Seminar August 4-10, 2007 Climate Change - a Global Issue 59 (23)
2008 Seminar August 5-10, 2008 What is a Global Citizen? 65 (16)
2009 Seminar August 5-10, 2009 Refugees, Migration, and Peace 51 (20)
2010 Seminar August 5-10, 2010 Humanitarian Intervention 58 (19)
2011 Seminar August 5-10, 2011 Responsibility to Protect 70 (20)
2012 Seminar August 4-10, 2012 Our (Non) Nuclear Future? 80 (25)
2013 Seminar August 4-10, 2013 The End of Poverty?
-The Future of the Millenium Development Goals
72 (20)
2014 Seminar August 4-10, 2014 Refugees in Global Society 68 (21)
2015 Seminar August 5-10, 2015 Women, Peace and Security 69 (21)
2016 Seminar August 4-12, 2016 Indigenous Rights in the Global Context 78 (34)
2017 Seminar August 4-12, 2017 Free and Equal: The United Nation’s turn to Human Rights Protection Based on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) 67 (21)
2018 Seminar August 4-12, 2018

Food and Water Insecurity

78 (29)
2019 Seminar August 4-12, 2019 The Health of Democracy 70 (16)