Hiroshima University Lithuania Center

Location: Vytautas Magnus University (Kaunas City)

On May 8, 2017, Hiroshima University concluded an inter-university agreement with Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania (VMU). HU president Mitsuo Ochi visited VMU and signed the agreement with VMU’s president Juozas Augutis. In addition, the Hiroshima University Lithuania Center was established in the VMU’s Centre for Asian Studies.

After the signing ceremony, HU Executive and Vice President Sato held a lecture for students studying Japanese language at VMU on “Kanji” (Chinese characters), one of the challenges that lies before students from non-Kanji using countries who wish to improve their Japanese language skills.

In addition to the inter-university agreement, a student exchange agreement was also concluded between the two universities. Hiroshima University is determined to develop academic exchange with Vytautas Magnus University by holding short-term study and exchange programs for students as well as researchers.

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