Research NOW Editions 11-20

Research NOW takes a look at the leading research being done by professors at HU, and is a page that introduces these researchers' works. Our professors provide high-level education and research guidance to our students and cultivate advanced specialization in the field of academics while developing and expanding leading research in their respective fields. Each edition of ResearchNOW features the cutting edge research of one of our professors here at HU explained in simple terms. Have a look and see for yourself the leading research that HU has to offer!

*Note: Links provided in the interviews may expire with time. We ask for your understanding.

Edition 20 Associate Professor Ichiro Ario (Graduate School of Engineering)

Prototype of the world's first foldable mobile bridge complete! Will Kakehashi-kun act as a bridge for the world?

Edition 19 Professor Hiroki Nikawa (Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences)

Succes in the preparation of a compound that reduces the risk of spreading of influenza!

Edition 18 Professor Norihisa Kato (Graduate School of Biosphere Science)

The succinate “Umami” inhibits the proliferation of cancer cells.

Edition 17 Professor Toru Takumi (Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences)

The World's First Successful Development of Human Autism in a Mouse Model!

Edition 16 Professor Shin-ichi Uye, Executive and Vice President (Graduate School of Biosphere Science)

Cultivating a Rich “Sato-umi” A Message from the Ocean, Delivered by Echizen Jellyfish

Edition 15 Associate Professor Hideaki Shinoda (Institute for Peace Science)

Aiming for the Ideal of Peacebuilding ~Maintaining Peace at Home Through Self-Reliance~

Edition 14 Associate Professor Hiroyuki Horiuchi (Graduate School of Biosphere Science)

Keeping Japan Healthy! New Egg Development from HU

Edition 13 Associate Professor Akio Kimura (Graduate School of Science)

The Discovery that Turned Previous Theories Upside-down…Electrons Spin Vertically!

Edition 12 Professor Kaneyuki Nakane (Graduate School of Biosphere Science)

A New Proposition for Rooftop Gardening

Edition 11 Professor Kiyohide Furuse (Graduate School of Letters)

Archaeology is an Integrated Science ~Determining the Date of the Construction of the 1st Tomb in the Mitsujo Tumulus~