Research NOW Editions 1-10

Research NOW takes a look at the leading research being done by professors at HU, and is a page that introduces these researchers' works. Our professors provide high-level education and research guidance to our students and cultivate advanced specialization in the field of academics while developing and expanding leading research in their respective fields. Each edition of ResearchNOW features the cutting edge research of one of our professors here at HU explained in simple terms. Have a look and see for yourself the leading research that HU has to offer!

*Note: Links provided in the interviews may expire with time. We ask for your understanding. 

Edition 10 Professor Mariko Fujita-Sano (Graduate School of Integrated Arts and Sciences, Director of the Accessibility Center)

Working for a Kinder Society~Bringing Knowledge and Creativity from Understanding Diversity from the University to Society~

Edition 9 Associate Professor Shoichiro Sendai (Graduate School of Engineering)

Architecture is the Creative Process Itself

Edition 8 Executive Mitsuo Ochi (Director of Hospital, Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences)

Tissue-Engineered Cultured Cartilage Transplatation ~Putting Cultured Cartilage Where It Needs To Be Through Magnetic Force~

Edition 7 Professor Ryo Kobayashi (Graduate School of Science)

Pursuing the Dream of Building Robots~Fluid Motion and Durability Learned from Living Things~

Edition 6 Professor Tsutomu Masujima (Graduate School of Biomedical Science)

Developing Cutting-Edge Technology to Analyze a Single Cell at the Molecular Level in Real Time

Edition 5 Professor Hideki Ohdan (Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences)

A New Approach to Preventing Cancer Recurrence Post-Liver Transplant ~Adoptive Immunotherapy~

Edition 4 Professor Masayuki Udagawa (Graduate School of Integrated Arts and Sciences)

Aiming to Improve Thermoelectric Conversion Capabilities ~Clarifying the Compass Needle Toward Higher Effeciency~

Edition 3 Professor Hiroshi Nunokawa (Graduate School of Integrated Arts and Sciences)

History is "the Future Now": Sharing the Historical Significance of the Dropping of the Atomic Bomb, and Aiming for a Nuclear Weapon-free Future

Edition 2 Professor Michiko Miura (Graduate School of Advanced Sciences of Matter)

~A Hiroshima University Model International Standard~ HiSIM-LDMOS: A Next Generation, High-Accurancy Transistor Model for Semi-Conductor Development

Edition 1 Professor Masanori Sugiyama (Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences)

Delicious Health from Plant-derived Lactic Acid Bacteria Delivered All the Way to Your Intestines