HU Student Interview Series: No.11-20

No.20: “Fulfilling days with Animal loving friends!”

Naoki Onimura (From Hiroshima Prefecture)
3rd year, Fisheries Biology Program, Faculty of Applied Biological Science

No.19: “I want to send out more and more messages that inspire people”

Daichi Abe (From Shimane Prefecture)
4th year, Faculty of Economics

No.18: “Culture Surprise! Learning about culture is fun”

Aika Yamane (From Hawaii)
4th Year, Socio-Culture program, Faculty of Integrated Arts and Sciences

No.17: “I want to explore the mysteries of Space!”

Naoki Shiraishi (From Oita Prefecture)
1st Year, Department of Earth and Planetary Systems, Faculty of Science

No.16: “I want to become a doctor that is active worldwide!”

Yuta Satoda (From Hiroshima Prefecture)
1st Year, School of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine

No.15: “I want to view problems from a point of view that exceeds the boundaries of arts and sciences”

Mizuki Kobayashi (From Shizuoka Prefecture)
2nd Year, Faculty of Integrated Arts and Sciences

No.14: “I want to challenge beyond my specialty!”

Kanako Takahashi (From Oita Prefecture)
1st Year, Faculty of Education

No.13: “I was encouraged to apply to Hiroshima University by studying English so hard.”

Akari Kawakami (From Hiroshima Prefecture)
3rd Year, Faculty of Engineering

No.12: “I want to travel, to know the world and play an active part in the international community!”

Airi Murakami (From Hiroshima Prefecture)
2nd Year, School of Law, Faculty of Law

No.11: “I changed direction completely, from arts to sciences, with the aim of becoming a dentist”

Reika Takasato (From Yamaguchi Prefecture)
1st Year, School of Dentistry, Faculty of Dentistry

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