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No.12: I want to travel, to know the world and play an active part in the international community!

Faculty of Law, 2nd Year
Airi Murakami
<Graduated from Hiroshima Jogakuin Junior & Senior High School

“HU Student Voices” gives those who would like to enter HU an insight into the perspectives of current HU students.

In this, the 12th interview in this series, we talked to Airi Murakami, a 2nd year student in the Faculty of Law.

We interviewed Ms. Murakami who has challenged a lot with an international vision and always full of energy

Why did you decide to take the entrance examination for School of Law?

My high school put much effort in peace education and that made me interested in international exchange and studying foreign languages. I had considered specializing in foreign language, but I choose my dream of working in the field of  international politics. I  finally  applied to School of Law to study law and politics. 
I've always loved reading mystery such as "Sherlock Holmes" from a young age. That also might influence on my decision since I gradually got familiar with terms of law in reading. 

Ms. Murakami is interested in international politics. What courses are you attending now?

I'm taking the "International Law", "Asian Politics" and so on. I also take some courses which I have interested, even if they are not required subject. The course "Modern Society and Economy" I took in the 2nd semester of the 2nd year was seminar style with small class instruction. The course was for liberal arts education, but I could deep my understanding through presentations and discussion on international economy and finance,  just like in special subjects.

Pocket Law book and Textbook for Classes

There are professional courses for the 2nd year. Besides classes, what else do you think about Hiroshima University?

Hiroshima University offers various kinds of international exchange events and full support for studying abroad. I had participated in the international student seminar (*) held in the university in Indonesia. It was valuable experience for me to attend the presentation on "Terrorism" and discussed with other participants from Indonesia, Thailand, China, Madagascar and others. I was impressed by students from other countries who could express their idea instantly.

Also,  attending the seminar in English realized  me the importance of  English and strenghen my motivation to to study English harder. TOEIC exam is regularly held on campus so I'm keep studying English for it.

(*)The seminar was part of Hiroshima University's program "Cooperative Education of peace and environment in the frame work of  International Network Universities(INU)" adopted by  Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in 2011 as "Re-inventing Japan Project". 

Seminar held in Indonesia

It is really valuable experience to go abroad in the early stage of your college life. What about life on campus?

The "Orientation Camp" held just after entrance ceremony was very helpful for me to get used to my new life. This is the traditional camp by freshmen and seniors. During the camp, senior students kindly taught us many things and it was good chance to make friends with other freshmen. When I was a senior, I became the director-general who was responsible for planning and management of the camp. Through this camp, I could have  great experiences such as having meetings with teachers and spent very lively and fruitful days. 

Orientation Camp Group photo of Faculty of Law

Do you take part in any extra-curricular activity?

Summer School in Iwate Prefecture

I'm a member of the volleyball circle (club).I have played volleyball since high school. We have activities 3 times a week. I guess few circles have activities so frequently. 

Also I participated in volunteer activities called  SWTJ@Solidarity in Northeast of Japan, the area damaged by big earthquake. I went camping with kids living in the temporary houses there. Now we can see the reconstruction in the hardware side such as building, but the cultural revival still has a long way to go. I  continue my volunteer activities in the future.

You are very active to try  various things! Then what do you want to challenge next in your college life?

I want to travel abroad more. Now I'm planning to go to Thailand or Turkey. The international seminar in Indonesia made me interested in other countries and one week stay in India made my interests stronger.

 When I traveled to India, I had a chance to support orphans living in facilities operated by Mother Teresa. I  knew the situations through TV, however, when I saw the orphans and homeless children wondering in the street, I realized that it happened in this real world. 

  I want to know the world that I had thought I knew,  but actually I didn't.

Host Family in India

Finally, what message do you have for high school students thinking of applying to Hiroshima University?

Hiroshima University provides everything for what you want to challenge! Not to the mention about the person whose first choice is Hiroshima University, even if Hiroshima University is not your first choice, I  believe that you can find what only you can do!

February 26, 2014
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