HU Student Interview Series: No.21-30

No.30: “Wherever you end up, follow your heart and do what you want to do.”

Arisa Suizu (From Yamaguchi Prefecture)
4th Year, School of Integrated Arts and Sciences

No.29: “Entering the School of Letters due to an Admiration in Film”

Fumiaki Matsuno (From Shizuoka Prefecture)
3rd Year, School of Letters

No.28: “Learning both Challenges and Failure at Hiroshima University!”

Masami Umeki (From Oita Prefecture)
2nd Year, School of Applied Biological Science

No.27: “Learning the depth of Mathematics at University!”

Takeru Kumagae (From Oita Prefecture)
3rd Year, School of Science

No.26: “Becoming a person who “expresses” social issues”

Nanae Iwanaga (From Fukuoka Prefecture)
4th year, School of Education

No.25: “A Pharmacist or a Researcher? Being absorbed in Pharmaceutical Sciences, and searching for a future!”

Ryohei Ogino (From Hyogo Prefecture)
6th year, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences

No.24: “Never Give In and Keep Going!”

Munenobu Chosa (From Kagoshima Prefecture)
3rd year, School of Law

No.23: “Fulfilling days studying Chemistry!”

Ryota Inoue (From Osaka Prefecture)
3rd year, Chemical Engineering Program, Cluster 3 (Chemistry, Biotechnology and Process Engineering), School of Engineering

No.22: “In pursuit for an answer, ‘What is Education?’”

Tomohiro Tani (From Kyoto Prefecture)
1st year, Cluster 5 (Fundamentals for Education and Human Development), Faculty of Education

No.21: “Studies, beloved teachers and friends. My university days filled with so many unexpected encounters!”

Manami Abe (From Okayama Prefecture)
4th year, Cultural Heritage course, Faculty of Letters

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