HU Student Interview Series: No.31-40

No.39: “There is more than one way to pursue your interest. Challenge and open a new door for the future.”

Momoka Mastukura (From Saga Prefecture)
4th year, School of Law

No.38: “I want to be an engineer creating new style of “communication” through video games!”

Masaya Kugita (From Miyazaki Prefecture)
3rd year, School of Engineering

No.37: “I want to become someone who can cheer up other people with food”

Honomi Tanahashi (From Tokushima Prefecture)
4th year, School of Education

No.36: “I want to be a Japanese teacher and spread Japanese culture around the world!”

Kanako Yamasaki (From Shimane Prefecture)
4th year, School of Education

No.35: “I want to keep on growing my humanity to support other people”

Yukiko Ikemoto (From Kagoshima Prefecture)
2nd year, School of Medicine

No.34: “Studying both Machine and English! Going forward for the goal in the global campus.”

Kandai Kawano (From Kumamoto Prefecture)
2nd year, School of Engineering

No.33: “I want to improve my skills to make my dreams come true - making new cosmetics that can make everyone happy!”

Harumi Nishikawa (From Hiroshima Prefecture)
2nd year, School of Science

No.32: “I want to work around the world!”

Hiroshi Kaki (From Oita Prefecture)
3rd year, School of Economics

No.31: “I want to make people smile and cheer them up.”

Kanami Mibukawa (From Hiroshima Prefecture)
3rd year, School of Education

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